A pair of conserved protein-protein interactions existing in two different species; e.g. if A and A’ are orthologs and B and B’ are orthologs, then the interactions between A and B (in one species) and between A’ and B’ (in another species) are interologs.

InterologFinder is designed to retrieve protein-protein interactions (PPI) from both known and our predicted PPI data sets. Using data from the National Center for Integrative.

Biomedical Informatics (NCIBI)’s MiMI: (Michigan Molecular Interactions) which contains data from IntAct, DIP, BIND and others, we identified conserved and predicted novel protein-protein interactions (interologs or interologues) in human, mouse, fly, worm, and yeast based on interaction of orthologous proteins found in the other organisms.

When citing InterologFinder or our PPI predictions, please refer to:

Wiles AM, Doderer M, Ruan J, Gu T-T, Ravi D, Blackman BA, Bishop AJR. “Building and Analyzing Protein Interactome Networks by Cross-species Comparisons